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Rail Car Movers For Sale

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2021 NVX9060 Shuttlewagon Railcar Mover
Move up to 60 cars
Just off lease with just over 1100 hours!
This big boy is hard to find

Diesel engine model QSX 15L (electronic)
625 HP @ 1800 RPM. Up to 800 HP utilizing electric boost.
Torque 2050 @ 1400 RPM
Transmission: John Deere – Funk DF250
Generator: 700V 3-phase, 400kw
Battery: Dual HV Li-ion 17.5kWh
Motors: Dual TM4 LSM280 AC induction motors.
Hydraulic power steering controlling both front and rear trucks
10ft full-width cab, constructed of steel, mounted on rubber isolation bushings, at the opposite end of the engine to reduce noise.
Heavy-duty operator panel with color display, push buttons, and warning light.
Four 14.00R x 24 tubeless tires.

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Location: East

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FSRM28992 FSRM28992 FSRM28992 FSRM28992 FSRM28992