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MK 1500D Switcher
Blue carded and in service in excellent condition and well maintained
Built in 1996
CAT 3512 prime mover that drives a alternator
Unit was part of a 20 year lease package which required extensive overhaul at 10 and 20 [lease end] years. Last overhaul 2016
Overhaul included:
Remove of Engine for overhaul, overhaul of Main and Aux generators by Wabtec, Radiator cores replaced, air compressor rebuilt, more
Body and Paint in good shape
Tinted Glass in Cab with heavy duty commercial grade HVAC unit under cab floor
Plenty of power with sophisticated traction control system.
Advertised as greater pull power than EMD SW1500 and MP15 while spending less fuel
Auto Stop and Start
Beats both GE and EMD in fuel consumption
Alignment Control Couplers
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Location Midwest

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