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2020 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Hi-Rail SUV
4.0l DOHC V-6 Gasoline Engine
Automatic Transmission
Rear receiver hitch
White exterior paint
Power widows
Power locks
AM/FM/CD w/6.1in touch screen and bluetooth
Equipment Package:
DMF RW-1013
Light duty railgear for Toyota 4Runner SR5 only
Hydraulic Actuation
Radio remote control
Hydraulic locking valves for highway use only
De-rail skids
Velcro steering wheel lock
Railgear alignment and weights set
Annual FRA inspection
Front and rear led work lights
4 corner led strobe lights
Strobe light, magnetic mount, amber
In-cab switch panel
2.5 lb fire extinguisher
Triangle reflector kit
Spare tire ships loose

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