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Rail Rider - MP - 12T Excavators
100 in (8ft4in) wide
15ft platform length (without ramps)
End Load design with integrated ramps
D. Includes chains for lifting certified and tagged
E. Includes recessed deck storage box for chains, slings and blocks
F. 8ft Tow bar included with storage arms & standard 20t pintle hitch
G. Oak Decking Standard

Rail Drives:
Cam lobe piston motor; MSE05 Design (Select Chain Multiplier) 630cc drive

Choice select of drive package:
Speed Drive Package A1. 15-16 mph top speed; average grade 0-2% grades
Power Drive Package A2. 10-12 mph top speed but can pull 4-5% grades
Towable Hub Design for ability to tow cart when required. Requires process to remove castle nut and flip engagement hub
Integrated flow control, counterbalance valve, fail safe brake release and main reliefs

Stabilizers & Rail Clamps:
Includes (2x) stabilizer legs for load/unloading at initial crossing or remote sites prior to install of hydraulics
Includes (2x) hydraulic rail clamps
Requires switch of manual valve to operate on cart

Integrated Hydraulic Brakes:
Full service hydraulic brakes (uses foot controller/lever track drive). Features check designed to lock shoes to wheel and set as park brake when required
Features mechanical spring set, hydraulic release fail safe brake(disc design). Features built in hydraulic manual operated pump to release for towing

Includes Case Drain Filter on cart assembly

Solar powered Red/White auto direction sensing lighting; Large Lights
Audible speaker for direction movement sound set through pressure switches; able to be shut on/off via switch

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FSRE26885 FSRE26885 FSRE26885 FSRE26885 FSRE26885