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GE 144 Ton 1100 HP Center Cab Locomotive
S/N 44342
Built: Erie, PA – 1983
One owner
Prime Movers: (2) Cummins Diesels, KTA-1150L, 600 HP each
Traction Generators: (2) 5GT-603 N2
Traction Motors: (4) 5GE – 761 D1
Alternator: Model 1117733
Air Compressor: Gardner – Denver Model #AVLALA
Air Brake: 26NL
Automatic Brake Valve: 26B
Automatic Drain Valve: 580H
Brake Valve: SA-26
Control Valve: H-5-B
Distributing Valve: 6-NR
Cattron Remote Control
Wheels: 40in diameter
Gear Ratio: 10.52/1
Tractive Effort: 61,560 lbs
Running Condition (No Blue Card)
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FSL25519 FSL25519 FSL25519 FSL25519 FSL25519 FSL25519