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(3) SW1500s
Year: 1971
Horsepower: 1,500
Tractive effort @ minimum continuous Speed: 42,250 pounds. @ 10.7 mph
Length over coupler pulling faces: 44ft, 8in
Distance between bolster centers: 22ft
Truck-rigid wheel base: 8ft
Width over grab irons: 10ft, 1/8in
Height above rails: 15ft
Wheel diameter: 40in
Fuel capacity: 600 to 1,100 gallons
Engine: 12-645E, 12 cylinder, roots-blown, GM Diesel
Main Generator: D32
Traction Motors: Four D77/78 direct current
Standard Gearing: 62:15 gear ratio
Weight: Total loaded weight on rails average 248,000 pounds (1/2 variable supplies) Price:


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