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Ref# FSL24270

Locomotives For Sale

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(3) SD50s For Sale
Prime Mover: 645F3B – 16 Cylinder HP: 3500
Traction Motors: D87
Generator: AR11
26L Brake Dynamic Brake equipped
RCO equipped (WABTEC)
Smart Start Equipped
Roof Mounted A/C Equipped
Throttle Time meters equipped
Weight: Approx. 368,000-400,000lbs
Blue Carded, shop maintained and all inspections, repairs, maintenance done per regulation
Wiring in good condition
Wheels in good condition
Total of 3 units, 2 in great condition and the third is not currently in operating condition (needs coupler pocket rebuild from collision and TLC) but prime mover, traction motors, generator are good. Could be used for parts
All three units are almost identical and include the options above

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FSL24270 FSL24270