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Ref# FSHC23464

Covered Hoppers For Sale

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(289) Covered Sand Hoppers
268 GRL
Commodity: Frac-Sand
Cars are clean
Built: 1980-1991
3000 cube, 2 pocket
AAR Type: C112
100 Ton Cars
44ft 5in long
Height, Extreme: 7ft 11in
Width, Extreme: 10ft 8in
Mech. design: lo.
Small cube cars
Ownership code 2
Tare empty: 55800 lbs
Load limit: 207200
2 outlets
Plate clearance: B
Cushion under frame: No
These cars are inspected, reports available
Many are fresh through the shop, many need no work
They are in many locations but most are in one location
Cars are in storage

For more information about this listing
Please call 512-263-1953

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