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GP40-2L Locomotive
Upgraded with Qtrac1000 (dash 2 removed)
Engine: 16-645E3B
Horsepower: 3000
Main Gen: AR10
Auxiliary Gen: 18KW
Air Brake: 26LUM
Compressor: Gardner Denver WBO
Traction Control: QTRON QES 1000
Gear Ratio: 62:15
Max Speed: 65mph
Ditch Lights Front & Rear
AAR Control Stand
Alignment Control
Fuel Capacity: 3000 gallon
Traction Motors: D77 / D77 / D78 /D79
New paint in and out
New batteries
4 new power assemblies
Fresh 1104 Air
New Green Tag Eco Tip Injectors
New Valve Bridges
Fresh filters (air, fuel and oil)
New Cab Seat
New Cab Floor
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FSL22539 FSL22539 FSL22539