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(3) RP20BD Tier 3 Genset Switchers
Built: 2007
Power: 2000 hp
Engine: Deutz TCD2015 (3 gensets)
Sealed roller bearing (Timken type, "GG")
Gear Ratio: 74:18
Couplers: Alignment control
MU capable: Yes
Event Recorder: Pulse TTX
Wheel Sizes: 40 inch, 2” or better
Traction Motors: GE E-8 or AF (all same on unit)
Air Brake: CCB-26
Air Dryer: Graham White 994 Air Dryer
Air Compressor: rotary, RotoComp NK160G
Blue Carded and ready for service
Handbrake: Electric
Frame: GE B23-7 and/or B30-7
Fuel Tank: 2150 gallons
Cab Features: Air Conditioning, Main and Aux electric heaters
Additional Features:
-2 available with Catron Remote
-1 w/ PTC hookups & Alerter
-Onboard outward facing cameras
Price: $150,000 each
Location: CA

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