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Locomotive Cranes For Sale

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(2) Locomotive Cranes Takraf EDK 500
Gauge of 1435mm
Only 302 hours of operation
Constantly costs on storage in Europe the price of 250 000 Euros
In perfect condition
Machine Heckert HZFS 12-12-04 Price 85 000 Euro
Mounting plate for machine tools in good condition
size 2000 x 4000 x 400 mm weight of the plate 7.5 tons
The price of one plate is 1.80 Euro per kilogram In the presence of 6 plates 45 tons
Compressor K 905 with a new engine
In the robot was not for metallurgical plant
The new engine SDS3 14-04-10 synchronous, GOST 183-74, 630 kilowatts, 600 rpm, 6000 volts excitation thyristor, but it is not, 1980, weight 6 100 kg Price 80 000 Euro
New Engine SAS 18321/07 630 kW 6000 volts 187.5 rpm
price 75 000 Euro
Polish Crusher Makrum 40х17, Makrum 40х98 price 1 euro per kilogram
Ship engine Skoda 6-27,5-A4S c storage Price 40 000 Euro
Diesel generator Skoda with a ship engine 735 kilowatts
new c storage Price 50 000 Euro
Ship's engine 6D40 new with storage price of 50000 Euro
New Ship Generators S 450 L6 with storage 2 pcs.
production Germany Price 4 Euro per kilogram
stood on the ship's engines 8VD 26/20 AL-2
there were diesel generators
New gas generators with a PLES 2500 airplane engine produces electricity 6000 volts in 2018
Price: $699,000 Euro
Location: Bulgaria

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FSLC21601 FSLC21601 FSLC21601 FSLC21601 FSLC21601 FSLC21601