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Ref# FSL21002

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GP 20 Locomotive
Horsepower: 2000
Configuration: Low nose forward
Built New: 1962 (Southern Pacific)
Engine: 567D2 with 645 pacs
Turbocharged: yes
Main Gen: D22
Auxiliary Gen: 10kw
Air: 26RL
Air Compressor: WBO 3 cylinder
Wiring: good to new (low voltage rewire 2013)
MU: yes, standard
Wheels: 2in or better
Couplers: Alignment Control
FRA Glazing: yes
Ditch Lights: Front and Rear
Blue Card: Current
Hot Start: KIM, single phase
Price: $119,500
Location: LaCrosse, IN

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FSL21002 FSL21002