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(30) 85ft 286K Container Flat Cars
(23) Built: 1974
(7) Built: 1979
Qualified for Extended Service: Yes, 50 Years
AAR Car Type Code: L008
Coupled Length: 87ft 9in
Extreme Width: 9ft 6in
Deck Length: 84ft 2in Over Strikers
Deck Width: 8ft 1in
Deck Height above Rail: 4ft 3in
Truck Centers: 64ft
Deck Configuration: Open Deck
Trucks: 100-Ton 286K Roller Bearing
Truck Wheelbase: 5ft 10in
Wheelsets: 36in
Gross Rail Load: 286K
Lightweight: 62,500 Lbs.
A.A.R. Load Limit: 223,500 Lbs.-111.75NT
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FSFL20753 FSFL20753 FSFL20753 FSFL20753