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Covered Hoppers For Sale

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(32) Covered Hopper Cars
79/80 4750 100 ton 6oft AAR Car Type: C113
These cars are in good condition, they have been cleaned and shopped.
Outside Length: 60 ft 0 in Number: 012525 Height of Extreme: 8 ft 5 in AAR Type: C113 Extreme Width: 10 ft S in Mech Design: LO Extreme Length: 60 ft 0 in
Description: COVERED HOPPER - JUMBO, TROUGH Extreme Height: 15 ft 0 in Ownership Code: 3 Built: 5/1980 Rebuilt: Weighed Empty: 1980-05-15 Tare (Empty): 60100 LBS Nominal Capacity: Cubic Capacity: 4750 CU FT Load Limit: 202900 LBS Hopper Outlets: 3 Plate Clearance: C Cushion Under Frame: NO Ht to Cntr Gravity: N/A
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FSHC20063 FSHC20063 FSHC20063 FSHC20063 FSHC20063