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Covered Hopper Rail Cars For Sale

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(4) New Covered Hoppers
5,200 Ft
With Miner-Mk 10200 Discharge System
Gravity Discharge
Welding processes are based on AWS D15.1
Fiber Glass Fiber Coating System
Length, inside: 56'-4"
Width, extreme: 10'-6 15/16"
Length, over couplers: 59'-0 1/2"
Discharge gate size: 30” X 30”
Length, between truck centers: 44'-9"
Hatch openings: 43'-8" X 24"
Height, extreme: 15’ -6”
Clearance: AAR Plate C
Light weight: 67,000Lbs.
Uncoupled: 154.92
Gross rail load: 286,000Lbs.
Coupled to like car: 224.15
Load limit: 219,000lbs.
Coupled to base car: 225.8
Capacity: 5200 cu ft
Price: $95,000
Location: South

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FSHC17805 FSHC17805