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(5) Locomotives
Running condition
Builder: Clyde Engineering, Granville NSW, 1970-1972
Rebuilt at Morrison Knudsen Australia, Whyalla SA, 1992-1993
Gauge: 1435 mm Length over couplers: 20498 mm
Weight: CLF 128.5 tonnes, CLP 132 tonnes Length over headstocks: 19634 mm
Pivot centres: 12497 mm
Wheel centres: 1905 mm
Maximum Axleload: 21.42/22.0 tonnes
Wheel diameter: 1016 mm
Bogie Weight: 25.5 tonnes
Height: 4242 mm
Maximum Speed: 115 km/h Width: 2959 mm
Wheel arrangement: Co-Co
Model: CLF AT26C-2M, CLP AT26HC-2M
No. of driving stations: 1
Dynamic Brakes : Yes (Extended Range)
Fischer Electronic Vigilance System
Event Recorder: Fischer
Engine Type: EMD 16-645E3C, Turbocharged
Wheelslip System: MK-LOC, ZTR Nexsys II (mostly), Q-Tron QES-III (CLF 2 only)
Engine Speed: 900/315 rpm (max/min)
Bore X Stroke: 231 X 254 (mm)
Main Alternator: AR10A7
Nominal Voltage: 1200 (DC)
Toilet, A/C
Companion Alternator: D14
Nominal Voltage: 215 (DC)
Aux. Generator: Delco A7159 (18 kW)
Fuel capacity: 9600 litres
Traction Motor Type and number: EMD D78 (6)
Sand capacity: 0.34 cu meters
Gear Ratio: 60:17
Lube Oil capacity: 870 litres
Brake Equipment: Westinghouse 30 ACDW
Cooling Water capacity: 1115 litres
Air Compressor: Gardner Denver WBO
CLP units have two decommissioned HEP units:
Cummins 140 DFGB-5170A 140 kW 375 KVA
Gross Power: 2460 kW
Tractive Power: 2237 kW
Continuous Tractive Effort: 370 kN @ 20 km/h
Price: $249,000 USD
Location: Australia

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