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(2) GP11 Locomotives
Built: EMD / MK Rebuild Feb 1980
Low Nose
Short Hood Forward
Locomotive Weight: 125-Tons
Engine Model: 16-645CE Oil sample provided & lead and land test done
Any PA’s not meeting minimum OEM will be replaced
Turbo Model: Not Equipped / Roots Blown
Max. Horsepower: 2000 HP
Generator/Alternator: D22 Mag Reading Provided / Brush’s replaced if needed at 92 day test
Auxiliary Generator: 18KW Brush’s replaced if needed at 92 day test
Air Compressor: WBO
Air Brake Type: 26L
Current Air Date: Storage Credit
Traction Motors: Reported as D77’s
Trucks: Blomberg Rebuilt in 2012
Journal Boxes: Hyatts
Wheel Tread Thickness: 2” To 2.5” Wheels
Fra Qualified: Stored Running
Ditch Lights
Multiple Unit
Last Class Overhaul: Paducah Shops 1980
Last Shop Date: 2004
Electrical Cabinets: Excellent/Dash 1 Equipped
Batteries: Good
Cooling Fans: (1) 48”
Cab/Carbody Condition: Excellent any rust spots fixed prior to paint, cab floor replaced in each unit
Painted to customers paint spec
Fuel Capacity: 1500 Gallon new guages installed
Speed Recorder
Control Stand: New Style EMD
Comments: Unit is in excellent shape GW975
Air Dryers installed prior to shipping
Price: $219,000 each
Location: Canada

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