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(7) 2014 GS7 Genset Type Locomotives
Power: 700HP
Tractive Effort Start: 200kN
Tractive Effort Continuous: 150kN
Gauge: 1000mm (regauged from 1067mm)
Mass: 40 tons
Axle loading: 20 tons
Wheel arrangement: 2 axles
Speed: 50km/h max
Gears: 94:17
Wheel diameter: 914mm
Fuel: 800L
Length: 8800mm
Height: 3500mm
Width: 2850mm
Engine: CAT C18
Main Gen: AC 3 Phase
Aux Gen: 150kW 3 phase
Traction Motors: 761A23
Air Compressor: Ingersoll rand
Exhauster: Vane type (electronic drive)
Driver controls: Right hand side multiple unit
Single cab
Digital control, Air conditioning, Unit cut out, Slow speed, Collision protection
Low running costs, clean emissions, 16L per hour fuel consumption and less expensive than the European alternatives
Price: $950,000 each
Location: South Africa

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FSL17073 FSL17073