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(2) Zeus 25 ton 4WDH Diesel Locomotives
Axle Loading: 12.5 tons per axle
Couplers front and rear Type AAR "Knuckle"
Regauged to 1000mm
Axle arrangement: 4WDH
Drawbar on 1 in 800 flat gradient in dry conditions 650 tons
Max Speed: 25km/h straight track
Length: 7500mm
Width: 2600mm
Height: 3700mm
New controls, electrics, lights, superstructure
Couplers: Henricott front and rear
Engine: Deutz V10 Cylinder Diesel 300HP
Transmission: Clark T36 000
Air brakes + compressor + hoses instead of vacuum brakes + exhauster
Controls: Dual controls either side of cab
Livery: Black frame, red rods, chevrons on buffers, CAT yellow
Extras: Air conditioning, Dead man lever
Transport / Shipping extra
Lead time 12 weeks
6 month warranty
Export permits, taxes for Buyer account
Location: South Africa

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FSL16993 FSL16993 FSL16993 FSL16993