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2016 Rebuilt 8TM Trackmobile
Cummins Diesel
Chassis up recondition with Brand New or Re-manufactured parts and components
Re-powered with a Cummins BT Turbo diesel and fully supported upgraded brake system
32,000lb double coupled drawbar pull, enough power to move up to 8 rail cars on fairly flat and straight track

This unit is reconditioned as follows:
Remanufactured Cummins BT turbo diesel
NEW Train air control
NEW cab body, cab controls and instruments
New wiring
Rebuilt hydraulics and cylinders
Upgraded Brake system
Rebuilt Double couplers
New air assist sanders and Aux air tank
Fresh rust control paint
Refurbished alison transmission and drivetrain
Severe service weight package to bring weight to 25,000lbs
Regeared transmission for better pulling power
Foam Filled tires
Increased Hydraulic system for increased weight transfer
Performance torque converter coolers
Turbo linkage changes for better waste gate operations

48 hour bumper to bumper warranty, 60 day powertrain parts warranty

Free day of training at seller rail yard on use and operation
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