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TP56 & TP70 Industrial Switchers
TP56 uses a CAT 375 BHP Turbocharged engine
TP70 uses a CAT C13 475hp Tier 3 ACERT industrial engine
Other engines available based on individual requirements
Overall weight of the TP56 is 160,000lbs
Overall weight of the TP70 is 200,000lbs
Standard railcar movers 63,000lbs
3 axle trucks are completely refurbished from EMD SD-40 locomotives, proven reliability and performance
TP56 will produce 56,000lbs of tractive effort, with further customization, this can be increased to 70,000lbs
TP70 will produce 70,000lbs of tractive effort
Generators: Brushless Alternator
Traction Motors: D-77 ( 3 units)
Control: AAR Standard
Type 26 Air Brakes
Air Compressor: Rotary Screw Type – 140 CFM
TP56 and TP70 have been designed using proven technologies which makes them easily serviceable
TP56 and TP70 have been designed to be “jackable” so it can be serviced in the field as well as the shop
TP56 and TP70 have been engineered using standard off the shelf parts which are readily available
TP56 and TP70 require less maintenance than standard railcar movers
Blue Card Certification not required for industrial use
Significant fuel savings. Minimum idling of 0.5 gal/hr
Has a robust electric (as opposed to mechanical) power train thereby minimizing shuddering
TP56 and TP70 have been designed with a full sized cab with optional climate control
Remote control option also available
Standard sanding feature for additional traction when required
Competitively priced

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FSL16094 FSL16094