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(4) M420 Locomotives
In good serviceable condition
(1) M420 Locomotive
Not Running
(2) ALCO Core Engines
(1) ALCO Locomotive Engine Base
(2) ALCO Lube Oil Cooler
(8) ALCO 251 Cylinder Heads
(2) ALCO Aftercooler Housings
(1) MLW M420 Radiator Core
(1) 26C LUM Rack (Rebuilt)
(1) ALCO 165 Turbo Core
(2) Eddy Current Clutches
(~500) MLW “Blue “ Cards
(1) GY 27 Aux Gen (RTO)
(5) MLW M420 Truck Frames
(2) GTA 17 Main Alternator Cores
(5) Aux Gen Main Drive Gears
Price: Just Reduced to $299,000 total
Location: Canada

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