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Workmaster Model #300 Railcar Mover
S/N 301
Drawbar pull on Tires: 33,000 lbs (14,850 kg)
Drawbar pull on Rail Wheels: 17,500 lbs (7875 kg)
Overall Measurements:
Height with Cab (On Tires): 9' 4-5/8"
Height with Cab (On Rail): 9' 10"
Length With Couplers Front & Rear: 24' 4-1/2"
Engine Type:
Make: Detroit Diesel
Model: 4-53
Electrical System: 12 Volts
Fuel Tank: 34 Gal (128.7 L)
Turning Radius (4-Wheel Steer)
Curb Clearance: 15'
Outside Tires: 16' 6"
Power Train:
Torque Converter and Powershift Transmission
Pettibone Planetary Spiral Bevel Ring Gear & Pinion
W/Planetary Reduction Aat Wheels
Wheelbase: 6' 3-1/2" (1917.7mm)
Brakes: 4-Wheel Air Over Hydraulic Manual Parking Brake On Drive Shaft
Total Lbs (kg): 48,000 (21,818)
Front Wheels Lbs (kg): 24,000 (10,909)
Rear Wheels Lbs (Kg): 24,000 (10,909)
Front Rear Coupling
Hydraulic Load Transfer
Train Air
Hydraulic Coupler Shifting
Hydraulic Vertical Adjustment
Price: $46,900
Location: Midwest

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FSRM15485 FSRM15485 FSRM15485 FSRM15485 FSRM15485 FSRM15485