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GE Center Cabs
No. 16 - Class B-B - 110ton
855 Cummins engines
SN 44353
Date Mfg. July 1987
Operating Inst. GEJ-5765
Maintenance Inst. GEK-80043
Gross Wt. 216,450
Condition - Good
Equipped with new remote

No. 15
Class B-B 220/220
855 Cummins engines
S/N 44346
Date Mfg. June 1984
Operating Instructions GEJ-5765
Maintenance Inst. GEK-49500
Condition Good
New remote

No. 9 - 65 tonner
Class B-B 130/130
S/N 29954
HDI Cummins engines
Date Mfg. 1948
Condition - Good

No. 12
Class B-B 130/130
S/N 31025
Date Mfg. 1951
Needs a new engine

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FSL14118 FSL14118 FSL14118