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GG20B Generation 3 Hybrid Green Goat Locomotive
Core locomotive base: EMD GP9
2,000 hp
Tractive effort (starting): 80,000lbs
Tractive effort (continuous): 80,000lbs
Max speed: 65mph
Axles AAR B-B
All axles are powered
Deutz Diesel with Newage-Stamford Altenator 200kw
2,500 gal fuel tank
E type couplers
Axle gear reconditioned with Hyatt bearings
New 40in wheels
Reconditioned gearcases
Sanding location outboard
Reconditioned EMD D77 Traction Motors
Traction pinions news
Gear ratio 62/15
Air compressor motor driven
Air capacity 100CFM at 140 PSIG
26L Air brake system
Clasp brake composition shoes
New steel FRA compliant cab
Very low hours
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FSL12684 FSL12684