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(2) EMD GP10s
Built: 1956 (1977 Rebuild) & 1950
Engines: 567CE & 567C
Main Gens: D-12-B & D-32
Aux Gens: 10KW
TMs: D77, D67, D47, D78 & D27
Air Compressors: WBO
Air Brakes: 26L (Panel)
Control Stands: AAR & Standard
Reversers: Drum
Short Hood: Low
Fuel Tank: 1200 & 1600 gal.
Cab Heat: Electric
Ditch Lights
Wheels: 1-1/2in+, 2in+ & 3in
Alignment Controls on (1) Unit
Status: Blue Carded & In Service
Price: $120,000 & $135,000

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