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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
512-263-1953 Phone
512-263-9799 Fax

For Sale Listing #27506

(32) Ore Gondolas  Tare weight: 83,300 lbs  Cars are captive use only  Specialty Open top car, having fixed sides and ends and drop bottom, consisting of doors hinged at center sills or side sills to dump outside and/or inside of rails  AAR Type: E164  Inside Length: Less than 48ft  Capacity: Less than 3,000 cu ft  Plate: B  Max Gross Weight: 263000  Load Limit: 181700  Dry Capacity: 1578  Ext L/W/H: 44ft 1in / 10ft 8in / 13ft 3in  Int L/W/H: 21ft 0in / 9ft 0in / 7ft 4in 
Price: submit offer asap 
Location: AZ