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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
512-263-1953 Phone
512-263-9799 Fax

For Sale Listing #21162

Mi-Jack 750D  Last Inspected 3/23/2015  100,000LBS Capacity  Enclosed Cab  Travel Speed (Forward & reverse - no Load): 3.3 mph (5.3km/h)  One Hydraulic Travers on each top beam  Each Traverse Powered by gear motor through a 60:1 worm gear winch  Traverse Wire Rope: 5/8in  Traverse Speed 123 fpm  Traverse Slope: 10%  Hoist Final Drive: Roller Chain  Hoist Brake: Multiple Disc and Hydraulic Holding Valve  Hoist Speed - Rated Load: 26 fpm  Hoist Speed - No Load: 28fpm  75 Gallon Fuel Tank 
Price: $135,000 
Location: TX