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2905 Ranch Road 620 North
Austin, TX 78734
512-263-1953 Phone
512-263-9799 Fax

For Sale Listing #21042

(2) SD40T-2  Low Nose  Short Hood Forward  Locomotive Weight: 360,000lbs  Engine Model: 16–645E3B  Max. Horsepower: 3000 HP  Generator/Alternator: AR10 / D14  Auxiliary Generator: 18kw  Air Compressor: WBO High Base  Dynamic Braking  Extended Range  Air Brake Type: 26L  Current Air Date: 1104 Will Be Fresh  Traction Motors: D77   Trucks: 6 Axle Flexicoil  Journal Boxes: Hyatts  Wheel Tread Thickness: 2in+  FRA Qualified: Stored  Ditch Lights  Multiple Unit: Equipped  Last Class Overhaul: 2001  Last Shop Date: 2014  Electrical Cabinets: Dash 2 Equipped  Batteries: Good  Cooling Fans: 48in  Cab/Carbody Condition: Very Good  Paint Condition: Good  Fuel Capacity: 3000 Gallon  Speed Recorder: Equipped  Control Stand: New Style EMD  Call for Pricing 
Location: Northwest