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Austin, TX 78734
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For Sale Listing #20434

Chambersburg 600 ton Wheel Press  WIKA High Pressure Transmitter and digital readout  Length of Resistance Block - 39in  6 x Resistance Block adjustment holes - 15-1/2in apart  3 stage pump  Thickness of strain bars - 4in  Height of strain bars - 12in  Distance between bars: 8ft  Overall Length of press unit: 256in X 60in depth  Highest Point ( guard) 133in  Height from floor to top of strain bar: 121in  Diameter of Punch Plate on the end of ram: 17in  Diameter of cylinder: 17in  Stroke - 26in  Distance between strain bars: 98in  Maximum distance ram to resistance block: 108in  Hole through resistance block: 25in  2 Adapters Yokes - 10-1/2in & 13-1/2in 
Price: $32,900 
Location: WI