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Locomotives Wanted

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(4) SW1200s Wanted
Will be needing the first in 3-4 months. After the first one, a rough estimate would be 1 every 5-6 months.
12-567-C engine with rebuilt 645 cast iron liner "E" power assemblies
All miscellaneous sub-components of the 12-567-C engine will be rebuilt. (Pumps, blowers, etc...)
Rebuilt main generator
Rebuilt 18KW auxiliary generator
Rebuilt air compressor
Rebuilt fan drive and idler with new belts
D77 traction motors qualified
Minimum 2in rim thickness on wheels with Timken Bearings
Rewire low voltage and qualify remaining high voltage
Locomotive will be re-wired, including transition, and in the same configuration as originally designed
Install Electric switchgear that has been qualified
Fuel Prime/Start switch relocated to the front of the engine inside of the hood
AAR control stand
Rebuilt controller
Install roof mounted 30,000 BTU air conditioning - Unit and not RV Conditioners
26L air
Install 975 air dryer
Install stack flaps
Modify for EG2 intake filters
Qualify truck assemblies
Install alignment control draft gears
Complete all (1472) FRA inspections
Painted to Buyers paint scheme
Electrical schematic to be provided
GPS speed with alert capability

Warranty - Material Only warranty for one (1) year on the following components:
Engine crankshaft
Main generator
Power assemblies
Auxiliary generator
Air compressor
Engine blowers and pumps

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