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Open Top Hoppers For Sale

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(31) Steel Body Woodchip Open Top Hoppers
Car Type: K37
Clearance Plate: F+
Wheels: 36in
Sill Type: Through
286,000lb Gross Rail Load
Capacity: 7,526 cu ft
Built: 1970-1981
Stored in 2011
Last moved in 2015
Previous commodity: Rock Aggregate
Tare Weight: 82,300-90,000
Length over Strikers 73ft 3in
Extreme Width 10ft 6in
Extreme Height 16ft 2in
Truck Centers 59ft 8in
Outlet Type: Bottom
Price: Varies by Age, Contact for Pricing
Location: SC

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FSHO24266 FSHO24266 FSHO24266