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1989 EMD GMD1 or GMD-1 Locomotive
Hybrid Switcher
123 Tons
12-645C Engine
D15C Generator/Alternator
18KW Auxiliary Generator
WBO Air Compressor
26L Air Brake
In Storage
D77 Traction Motors
Flexicoil Trucks
Hyatts Bearing Journal Boxes
Wheel Tread Thickness: All are approx. 1-1/2in to 2in
Ditch Lights
Electrical Cabinets: Excellent
Good Batteries
Mechanical Cooling Fans
Carbody and Paint Condition: Excellent
Speed Recorder
2000 Fuel Capacity
Control Stand: New Style EMD
Built to SW15 Specifications but retaining 1200hp
Very multi-functional and can be used in road service or switching
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Location: Northwest

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