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2012 Rail King RK330 G5
W / Radio Remote Controls
Clearance: 3in (76 MM, Rail) - 10in (254MM, Road)
Length: 177in (4,496MM, Rail) - 177in (4,496MM, Road)
Width: 120in (3,048MM, Rail) - 120in (3,048MM, Road)
Height: 132in (3,353MM, Rail) - 142in (3,607MM, Road)
Forward / Reverse: 15 mph (24.3Km/H, Rail) - 10 mph (16.2Km/H, Road)
Weight: 51,500lbs (23,381 Kg)
Maximum Tractive Effort: 49,250lbs when both couplers are used
33,000lbs when one coupler is used
Price: $325,000
Location: OH

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FSRM15027 FSRM15027 FSRM15027